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I hope that you have found all the information you need to help you decide whether I could be the Celebrant you are looking for! But, please do contact me, either by phone or email, if there are any outstanding questions you may have. I am more than happy to have a completely 'no-obligation' chat or to send more information via email. However, in the meantime, I have listed some FAQs below

Why choose a celebrant for my wedding instead of a registrar?

If the venue that you have your heart set on does not have a Civil Licence,  a registrar will be unable to  attend to perform the ceremony. But as a celebrant, I am not restricted by this!
If your  venue does hold a licence then using a registrar is an option, but be mindful of their limitations. Having a registrar come out to a venue is not a cheap option. They cannot deviate from the given script, just filling in with your names,  and there will be restrictions on wording, music and content.
 Its very unlikely you'll even meet them before your big day. They will have to work to a time slot which means you may feel rushed and this could be an issue if people are running late! Choosing me as your celebrant means that you can have a completely personalised ceremony, lasting as long as you like without either of us worrying about whether I have to get to another ceremony - I won't as I only book one wedding per day so that I can devote myself to you completely!

Does it matter about my faith or cultural background when planning a ceremony?

If it matters to you then it matters to me! But other than that, not at all. The beauty of a celebrant-led ceremony is that there are no restrictions when it comes to your choice to include any music, readings or prayers that reflect your own faith, spirituality or culture or that of a loved one,  incorporating any rituals that are significant and meaningful to you and your family. Alternatively, your ceremony can be completely neutral, with no religious or cultural references whatsoever. The choice really is yours!

Do you provide ceremonies for same sex couples.

Yes, I most definitely do! I am happy to create and deliver weddings, vow renewals etc regardless of your sexuality. I l love being an all-inclusive celebrant and I embrace the many ways that love presents itself!

Can you help if I only need a small ceremony?

I absolutely can. Any ceremony should be what is meaningful to you and if this means that it is small, then that is fine. We can still make the ceremony special.

Is a celebrant wedding ceremony legally binding?

At the moment, no. But, celebrants are working very hard to change that! In the meantime, If you should wish to legalise your marriage, then you can do so at a registry office prior to the wedding. There are lines you must speak that are required by law for you to become legally wed, but you do not have to say promises or exchange the rings. You will need 2 witnesses to attend with you. More details will be available for you on your local councils website.

How much are your fees?

Every celebration is completely unique, and every ceremony can be as simple or elaborate and bespoke as you choose – therefore my costs will vary, depending on what it is that you'd like. There are no 'one size fits all' ceremonies here! 

My initial meeting is always conducted on a no-obligation, no-charge basis* and will last for around 1-1.5 hours. This is to ensure that I fully understand all of your requirements and so can provide you with a tailored service and an accurate quote.


My fees reflect the professional and personalised service I offer, underpinned by my training and expertise. My fees are based on creating, writing and officiating your ceremony as well as whatever time is required face to face, by Zoom, phone or email to get your ceremony exactly as you’d like it to be on the day. On average, I spend between 10 hours (funerals) to 25 hours per ceremony (weddings) depending on the nature of it, amount of travel, time spent liaising with my clients, writing the ceremony and drafting process, research required, and, for weddings, time spent at the venue before and during the rehearsal day, and the ceremony.

except when the initial meeting is at a location exceeding 30 miles from Lincoln charged at 40p per mile. But, I am happy to hold this initial meeting via Zoom or over the phone

Can I book you directly for a funeral?

Certainly.  Your funeral director will make suggestions for celebrants that they may already use, but if you would like me to conduct the ceremony, we'll just need to let them know so that I can work with them on the run up to the funeral and on the day.